TSA officer returns $600 lost by passenger at Atlantic City International Airport

Safeguarding the public is what makes TSA Officer Ralph Modugno proudest about his job. For the past seven years, he has served as transportation security officer at Atlantic City International Airport (ACY). Last week, while fulfilling his regular duty of keeping the public safe, Modugno reunited a passenger with $600 he dropped while going through the checkpoint.

"I was at the right place, at the right time. Anyone here would've done the same. We have a good team," said Modugno, a resident of Somers Point, NJ.

Atlantic City International is a small airport, and for the last flight of the day, three passengers rushed into the security checkpoint. After they were screened and went on to their gate, Modugno noticed something was left behind on the floor. It was a huge roll of cash. He immediately contacted his supervisor and said that he was sure it belonged to one of the last three passengers he had just screened.

Modugno and his supervisor quickly used the intercom system to call the three passengers back to the checkpoint. After correctly answering a few questions to ensure the money belonged to one of the men, the money was returned to its owner.

Officer Modugno knew time was running out to get the cash returned before the traveler boarded his flight, and he wasted no time in reporting the found money and ensuring that it was returned to its owner before the flight departed.