Tunneling burglars rob two family-owned stores in SW Philly

"I don't even want to come to the store for real."

Rayni Guihreo's family has owned Jennifer's Grocery Store on Chester Avenue in Southwest Philly for 12 years. They're a hardworking family.

"Yeah, 14 hours every day. That's a lot," he told Fox 29 news on Friday.

That's why Rayni was so frustrated and angry when he came into work recently and realized he'd been robbed.

"They break the lottery machine and they take all the money. It was a lot. We don't know how much. I know it was a lot," he explained.

"Something done like very professional. Not just a typical break in," store owner Faroq Ahmad told Fox 29.

It turns out these two suspects, caught on Rayni's new surveillance camera system, forced open the back door of The Church of God in the Word a few doors down. They broke through the adjacent wall into Faroq Ahmad's cell phone store, stole some phones and cash.

"Probably around four. Four or five grand. Took some phones, emptied out the register," said Ahmad, who has owned his store for five years.

The burglars then tunneled into Rayni's store.

"I want they catch them. I know we're not going to get the money back, at least they can get them," Rayni said.

From the video, detectives say it appears the burglars were inside for hours. They even stole money from the storefront church.

"That money is for helping other people and they take it," Rayni said.

"Hopefully people get caught who caused all this. It will be more satisfying," Ahmad added.

In addition to the loss of the cash, cell phones and lottery tickets, the store owners also had to pay to repair their stores.

If you recognize the suspects from the surveillance video, you can contact southwest detectives anonymously.