Twin Sisters Take Wedding Dress Pics With Their 80-Year-Old Dad Who Has Alzheimer's

(INSIDE EDITION) Donning wedding dresses and holding on to their dad while posing for pictures, Texas twins Becca and Sarah Duncan, 23, recently celebrated their weddings on a hot July day, but you won't find any grooms.

It wasn't their actual wedding day, but a way to create memories for their 80-year-old father, Scott Duncan, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. Unsure he will be able to attend their actual weddings, the identical twins set up the photo shoot.

"Me, my sister, and my mom saw another person do pictures like it with their sick parent and we thought it would be an awesome idea to do it with our father," said Sarah. "It started off that we wanted to do a first dance together and record it but he wasn't in the physical condition to do that so we did the pictures."

They reached out to friends asking if anyone had wedding dresses they could borrow and wound up with 10, along with bouquets, to choose from for the occasion.

A friend of their mother, photographer Lindsey Rabon, offered to do the photos for free.

They got ready in their living room and when their dad saw them his face "lit up," Becca said. All they had to do was walk across the street and there was even a couch there waiting for them.

"It was amazing. It was extremely hot. But dad worked through it," said Becca. It was a 10-minute shoot but it was the most fun that we've had with our father. It was such an amazing day.

"We are really grateful that we got to do it then because he's in no shape to do it now."

Not long after the shoot, their father moved to a care facility where he currently resides. Becca and Sarah had postponed their schooling for two years while they took care of him full-time, but everything he has done for them over the years was worth it.

Not only was he an active part of the PTA and a coach for all of their sports teams, and those of their 24-year-old brother Joe, but he was always especially fun-loving and caring, Sarah said.

"He would do anything for us," Sarah said. "He loved helping others out and making them laugh."

Both women have serious boyfriends and aren't sure when their will get married, but they are happy that this moment became a reality for them.

"We just wanted to have that moment that every other girl is probably going to have, and we might not because he does have a fatal disease, and so we just wanted to capture a moment," Sarah said.

She added: "And, If he's there for our wedding that's awesome but if he's not we still have our pictures and the memories of doing the whole thing."

The girls are adamant about spreading awareness about Alzheimer's and are co-honorees of their local Walk to End Alzheimer's. Their Team name is "Scott's Wildcats" in honor of their dad who still smiles from ear to ear when he hears someone mention the University of Kentucky Wildcats.