Two Bodies Found in Woods in Rio Grande

A man walking along Old Rio Grande Avenue in Rio Grande, New Jersey, made a terrible discovery Wednesday morning.

"Nothing like that ever goes on around here," said one woman. Neighbors along Old Rio Grande Avenue near South 5th Street in Middle Township woke up Wednesday morning to an unusual and chaotic scene.

"There were police all over the place and there was this big truck from the Prosecutor's Office saying it was a crime scene," said a woman named Mary.

Investigators say someone walking on a back trail in the wooded area in Rio Grande found the bodies of a man and woman both dead.

"I don't know what went on in their lives but it's sad," said Mary.

Wednesday evening the Cape May County Prosecutor's Office was still working on identifying the bodies. Carol DeCosta lives across the street from the woods and says the day before the bodies were found she noticed something very bizarre.

"Yesterday there was like hundreds of black birds flying around here like something was dead around here. We couldn't figure out why. The last time we saw the birds there was a dead cat in the street," said DeCosta. When she found out about the bodies she says her first thought was that it could be homeless people. Many neighbors we talked to say the homeless frequent these woods.

"They go back there a lot of times even in the winter. I've noticed police trying to get them out of there," said DeCosta.

Investigators have not said whether they suspect foul play or how the man and woman died. The Prosecutor's Office and Middle Township Police are investigating.