Two men allegedly pose as police in Somerton neighborhood

As the 5:30 train pulled into the Somerton station Monday evening and passengers headed home for the night, the last thing they wanted to hear was that a police impersonator may be working the area.

"We don't live in a safe world anymore," Diane Slobodinsky told FOX 29.

Investigators say it was 2:15 Monday morning when a woman living in the 13000 block of Trevose told police she was out walking with a friend when a car pulled up and a man stepped out.

Police say the man got out of an unmarked car and said he was a police officer. He started to ask the woman questions saying police had received reports about her being out in the neighborhood.

According to investigators, the man wasn't wearing a badge or carrying a gun. Police say his car had no police lights and he wasn't in uniform. The woman walked away. A short time later, the same car reappeared and the man again indicated he was a police officer and she had to come with him, according to police. Again, she walked away and called police.

The Special Victims Unit is now investigating. People we spoke with Monday night say they have their guard up.

The two suspects are described as ranging in height from 5'8" to 6'2" and both in their late 20s. The car was described as silver with tinted windows.