Two students at local high school heard saying racial slurs in video

There's outrage in a school community after two students were heard saying racial slurs in a live social media video.

"I was just like disgusted and surprised on that either one of them would say it."

Juhnayuh Ashton can't believe two of her Conestoga High School classmates would do this--drop the N-word at least three times in a live social media video that she just happened to see in real time.

"After like 15 minutes of watching it they were like 'Oh, no one's watching it anymore and that gives us the chance to say whatever we want.' And they said what was said in the video," Ashton said.

The video shows one of two girls vaping as they talk before both carelessly lunge into the N-word.

"After that she was like, "Oh well this is boring now so I'm going to end it" cause she realized I was still viewing it," Ashton said.

Conestoga's African-American Culture Club met with administrators as classmates signed their names to a poster banning the N-word.

It shows that our school community is coming together to back us up and to say listen we are not going to tolerate it and neither should you guys."

The Tredyffrin/ Easttown District Superintendent released a statement condemning the video adding:

"Although this video was not made during school, it has hurt and offended many in our school community. This is unacceptable behavior, and it will not be tolerated. The school will investigate fully and apply consequences as appropriate. "

"I just hope that they can rethink about not using it--careful what they say cause it can be taken very bad," Ashton said.