U-Haul wanted in robbery leads police on 90 mph chase through more than 50 Philadelphia streets

Philadelphia police were taken on a wild chase across the city by a wanted U-Haul reaching speeds of 90 mph, and only ending because its gas tank finally hit empty.

From South Philadelphia to Center City and eventually Germantown, several officers joined in the effort to stop the driver of U-Hail van early Wednesday morning.

The chase went through more than 50 streets across Philadelphia, and came to an end on Newhall Street when police say the van ran out of gas.


Four people have been taken into custody in connection to the chase; two men, a woman and a juvenile, who reportedly told police he didn't stop because he doesn't have a license.

A police radio was found inside the U-Haul, which police say had its decals removed, and license plate replaced.

Police say the vehicle was wanted in connection to a robbery turned shooting at a South Philadelphia 7-Eleven earlier this week, and a burglary last week.

No injuries or damage to nearby property has been reported. Charges have yet to be announced for any of the suspects.