U.S. Attorney William McSwain speaks to Philadelphia police commanders and recruits

Philadelphia has two new top prosecutors--the brand new DA and President Trump's new U.S. attorney. It's likely the two will have two different approaches to fighting crime.

"Everybody in this room is a hero to me." The region's new, top federal prosecutor left no doubt how he feels about police and they left no question about their feelings for him.

His name is William McSwain. He is a former assistant United States attorney with an Ivy League pedigree who left for private legal practice and is now back as the United States Attorney.

Just a few weeks on the job, he spoke to commanders and recruits at the police academy arguing it's in-style to criticize cops.

"Some agenda driven individuals may want to highlight a critical viewpoint for their own purposes," McSwain said.

McSwain said he was not referring to any specific individual when asked if he was speaking about Larry Krasner who is the new Philadelphia District Attorney elected after decades as a civil rights lawyer.

McSwain says he's already met with Krasner.

"We are trying to find ways if we can to work together. I'm not going to compromise my values for anybody," McSwain said.

Krasner's spokesperson says the DA looks forward to working on shared priorities.

The 49-year-old Republican, appointed by Donald Trump, spoke of the struggle Philadelphia faces with gun violence and opioid abuse, but declined to offer specific positions to address them.

He stayed clear of the region's biggest criminal justice story.

"Do you think Meek Mill should have been let out of jail?" FOX 29's Jeff Cole asked. McSwain replied, "I'm not going to comment on that."

Police left the meeting pleased they have an "advocate" while the U.S. Attorney urged them not to give up.

"Philadelphia needs you now more than ever," McSwain said.