Upper Darby police bust underage drinking party

When Upper Darby police busted up an underage drinking party some turned to social media to bust their chops.

"You're going to have the people that love us and the people that hate us and it's funny to read those two people go at it and we kind of sit back and see how it goes."

Officer Michael Scott was photographed seizing a beer keg he pulled from a wooded area behind the Aronimink Swim Club in Drexel Hill after he got a call of teens planning a drinking party there.

They took to social media writing, "Attn young people- you might want to hold off on buying the red plastic cups for tonight's party behind the Aronimink Swim Club (aka the palace). There will probably be a lack of attendance now."

Officers were trolled on social media with many saying they have bigger cases to worry about than teens boozing up. Officer Scott sees it differently.

"A little crime like this--a kids party in the woods could turn into a drunk driver who takes someone's life. So you take care of the little stuff, sometimes it takes care of the bigger stuff."

Upper Darby police responded on Twitter with a picture of cabinets stacked with investigation files from the last two years, saying every crime matters.

"It's not like the only two cops in the town were looking for a keg of beer while there was crimes going unanswered. Everything gets answered the same," Officer Scott said.