Valley teen sings National Anthem at Peoria ballgame

Anyone who knows 15-year-old Emma Shores knows she's an energetic full of life teenager that loves to sing the National Anthem.

"Emma likes to single the National Anthem in class at random times, like maybe for a big kickball game, a play, or anything, and I was like she knows every lyrics. She has no fear, and I was like I want her to have the opportunity to sing in front of more than just our class," said

Emma's physical education teacher at Liberty High School sent an audition tape to the Peoria Sports Complex of Emma singing the National Anthem, which led to her big debut singing in front of the crowd at Tuesday's spring training game.

So was she nervous? "No.. I be so brave," said Emma Shores.

Emma couldn't contain her excitement as she walked up to the microphone, but she hit every note to the delight of the crowds.

Emma's friends and family were all on hand to see her sing. She told me she hopes to do it again someday.