Vandals strikes at least 50 vehicles, flattening tires

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Warminster, Pa. (WTXF) The number of vehicle tires punctured during an early Saturday morning vandalism spree in Warminster, Bucks county, could approach 200.

Lafferty Chevrolet was the hardest hit of half a dozen businesses along a mile-plus stretch if Street Road around 3 a.m. A handful of individual vehicle owners were targeted as well.

"It's not right," said Lafferty Sales manager Joe Taber, as he showed Fox29 security video of the alleged vandal racing from truck to truck, puncturing tires- 99 in all. "Why would you do it?"

Police say security video along Street Road, along with witnesses, have helped them identify two "persons of interest" in the spree.

"I'm very confident we're going to close this case," said Warminster Police Chief Jim Donnelly. Not soon enough for Bill Primrose, owner of York Road Auto Glass, where the vandal destroyed 28 tires on seven vehicles.

Primrose did not have security cameras at his business but says he will now buy them. "It's the way the world's going."