VIDEO: Bucks County man learns he's going to be a father mid-flight

A Bucks County couple was flying home from Las Vegas, when one of them got the surprise of a lifetime.

Lisa Sadiwnyk says she loves surprising her husband Eric. After trying to get pregnant for a little while, Lisa thought the news of an addition to the family would be the best surprise she could give Eric.

While the couple was in Las Vegas on vacation, Lisa snuck into the hotel bathroom to take a pregnancy test.

The first test came up positive. So did the second. Lisa and Eric are pregnant, but Eric still had no idea.

So Lisa kept the news to herself for two whole days, until she got an idea at the airport.

After seeing countless videos of mid-air engagements, Lisa got the idea to give her husband the news on their flight back to Philadelphia.

She devised a plan.

Lisa told her husband she was going to go and "find snacks" for the flight.

Instead she found an American Airlines flight crew, who just so happened to be heading to Philadelphia on her flight. It was the co-pilot, and a flight attendant.

She explained her plan to them, and they said they would be happy to help.

So, Lisa wrote her message down on a piece of paper, and handed it to the flight attendant as she boarded the plane, pretending it was just a piece of 'trash'.

Once on board, the pilot came over the PA system and addressed his passengers and told them to get their cameras ready.

"Okay folks, ready or not here we go. I got a note handed to me, I'm gonna read it verbatim," the captain began, "Can I have your attention please, we would like to do something special for a lucky winners who won something here in Las Vegas, Nevada."

The captain continued.

"Now, we'd like to turn your attention to seat 29E, where you'll find Eric who is traveling with his wife Lisa," said the captain, "Well Eric, although you didn't strike it rich here in Las Vegas, you did hit the jackpot."

"Congratulations you're about to be a dad!"

A smile comes across Eric's face as passengers around him begin to applaud.

Congratulations Lisa and Eric!