Video: Giant crater causing frustration for residents as cars become trapped on Philly street

There is frustration in Harrowgate, where video after video shows vehicles driving through barricades and becoming trapped in a pit in the street.

Neighbors say the hole has been there for two-and-a-half months and they want to know what is being done to fix it.

"It’s a mess," one resident described the street.

Mess is putting it kindly as neighbors long ago lost count how many vehicles have fallen into what they call the crater outside their front doors at Tioga and J streets.

Multiple videos show vehicles getting stuck day and night, every day and every night, repeatedly, over and over again.

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A giant crater in a Harrowgate street has residents completely frustrated. Cars attempt to drive over it and become trapped. The Water Dept. hasn't given a time frame for when it will be fixed, though it burst open in March.

When residents saw heavy, concrete barriers delivered, they knew it meant no quick fix was coming.

They say a leak sprung Easter weekend and barricades have been up, blocking their streets and driven around ever since, breaking through the water departments’ thick but not thick enough wooden planks covering the hole.

The mess is right next to the city’s Scanlon playground and pool.

"You see there’s a park right there. Kids are walking over the planks. Cars are falling into this hole that the water company created," resident Danielle Walker explained. "Sent me a nice email saying they were gonna do something about it, but they didn’t really give a time frame and four months later, we still have this."

Another neighbor stated, "When we asked them when would it be fixed and they said, ‘You’ll know it’s getting fixed when you see the truck come up and the pipe’s on the back all set and ready to go."

FOX 29’s Steve Keeley was in communication with the Water Department spokesperson. He was trying to find the answer as to when it would be repaired, but no word yet.