Video: Gun pulled during apparent road rage fight along Courtney Campbell

A motorcyclist caught an apparent road rage incident on video involving a fight and, ultimately, a woman pulling out a gun in the middle of traffic along the Courtney Campbell Causeway in Tampa.

The video, posted on YouTube on April 8, shows a red car changing lanes in front of a motorcycle and the motorcycle trying to pass by along the right side of the car. The video does not show what led up to that moment and it's not clear whether the car didn't see the motorcyclist or whether the car was trying to stop the motorcyclist from passing.

The motorcyclist swatted the car as he passed by and then sped off eastbound along the causeway. The car eventually catches up to the group of motorcyclists on the bridge and, as all the vehicles approach a traffic light, the driver of the car gets out and exchanges words with the motorcyclists.

The driver of the car then steps in front of the motorcycle and yells at the motorcyclist to stay right there.

"Run me over, dude," he said as blocks the motorcycle. "You're manhandling me?" he asks as another rider walks up and tries to move him out of the way.

As they continue to yell at each other, two motorcycle riders begin punching the driver, at which point, the video, which appears to have been edited, shows a female passenger in the red car getting out with a gun, pointing it at them, and screaming.

While this is all going on at the traffic light, cars along the Courtney Campbell are stopped, despite the light having turned green, and a car is heard honking.

That's when the motorcycle riders get on their bikes and drive away and the video ends.

None of the people in the video have been identified. Local authorities tell FOX 13's Aaron Mesmer that they are aware of the video but no police reports have been filed. Officials have not said whether they are investigating the incident.

FOX 13 has not otherwise been able to verify the video's authenticity.