VIDEO: Man on bicycle snatches purse from 80-year-old woman

Philadelphia Police are looking for a man they say robbed an 80-year-old woman as she walked down the street in Hunting Park last Wednesday.

Surveillance cameras were rolling as 80-year-old Elizabeth Veillard was walking home from a local store. Suddenly, the video shows a man on a bike attacking and robbing her.

"He saw me coming I guess," she told FOX 29 Monday night. "He came over to me with that bike and knocked me down."

Elizabeth says the bicycle bandit took off with her purse containing $200 in cash, her checkbook, her ID, two phones and her heart medication.

"I'm chasing him to 6th Street. I chased him but I couldn't catch him," she explained.

Police say it happened in the 500 block of Hunting Park Avenue. Elizabeth had just stopped at the Imperial Gardens takeout restaurant and was heading for home. As for the robbery suspect, Elizabeth says he belongs behind bars.

Elizabeth was not seriously hurt. She says she was only a few hundred feet from her home when she was attacked and robbed. She had to close her checking account and replace the medication that was stolen.