VIDEO: Man Tased For Interfering With Police After Several Warnings

DENTON, TX- A man intervenes in a police situation and is tased by officers, but Denton police say he was warned dozens of times to back away.

"You'll hear the beeps, those beeps are letting the officer and people know that the body camera is still rolling," explained Ryan Grelle of Denton Police.

Body cameras capture police as they first make contact with a woman, who was naked aside from a blue blanket.

The caller said she'd been pacing the parking lot holding a baby.

The officer tries to get her to explain what's going on for the next eight and a half minutes.

But police say she's uncooperative, despondent, looking past them, and appears to have an altered mental state from drugs or alcohol.

"You are out here with no clothes and you shouldn't be. That's how I know something is not right," the officer said.

Police say she continually looks over the balcony, at times talking to someone down below who isn't there. They were worried she might jump.

"They kept thinking that she may end up hurting herself. That is why they tried to place handcuffs on her. For her safety," Grelle said.

"Help me please!" the woman begins to yell.

As she's screaming, another officer is trying to keep 26-year old Marcus Coleman back.

"Back up. I'm not going to keep asking you. Back away. Back away or I'm going to tase you. Back away. Back away," the officer says.

Police say they told Coleman to back up 30 times

Coleman goes toward the officer who has 20 plus years on the force and he's tased.

"We needed to get it out there. We need to let the people know that he didn't follow the commands. We aren't just tasing people to tase people. All three of those officers did an exceptional job," Grelle said.

The president of Denton county chapter of the NAACP was invited to the news conference by the police chief.

He says Coleman was a good Samaritan trying to help but crossed the line by not obeying commands.

He says people were ready to protest.

"I said wait let me see. Let me check this out.," Denton County NAACP president Willie Hudspeth.

After seeing the body cam video he told them to stand down, even talking to Coleman's mom.

"I explained to her what actually happened and she said thank you," Hudspeth said.