VIDEO: Man throws rock at Coatesville patrol vehicle

COATESVILLE, PA (WTXF) - Coatesville Police say a man threw a large rock at a marked patrol vehicle Monday afternoon.

This happened at 3:50p.m. when Officer Jared Davis was on patrol as a male walked off the sidewalk from in front of the library and threw an object.

Dashcam footage shows the man hitting the vehicle shattering front windshield. According to police, Davis was attempting to exit his patrol vehicle when the male attacked, attempting to strike him in the head with the same rock.

Officer Davis then attempted to take the male into custody but the subject resisted, according to a police report.

The suspect was then taken to the ground by Officer Davis and assisting officers.

During the incident, Davis suffered an injury to the chest. The male was taken into custody and was later ID as Eric L Watson of Coatesville

The injured officer was taken from the scene to Paoli Hospital for his chest injury. The officer was found to have a broken sternum.

Eric Watson was charged with aggravated assault on a police officer, institutional vandalism, resisting arrest and related charges.