Video: Officers save choking 3-year-old boy at bus station in Trenton

Dramatic video shared by transit police in New Jersey shows officers rushing to save a choking child at a bus stop in Trenton.

Police say officers stationed at the New Jersey Transit Trenton Station responded to calls for help coming from inside a parked bus.

Body camera video shows a man carrying a child off the bus, and handing him to officers who immediately noticed he was choking.

"The officers began administering CPR, but the object was not dislodged," police tweeted. "The unresponsive child began turning blue due to lack of oxygen."

K9 Officer Timothy Geoghegan drove his cruiser to the hospital while Sergeant Michael Filandro continued to administer CPR on the child. 

"Stay with me, okay?" Sergeant Filandro can be heard encouraging the child. Moments later, the officers noticed the child started to breathe again.

"He's passing air, he's making noises," Sergeant Filandro said. 

The officers arrived at the hospital and rushed the child into the emergency room where he was treated by doctors.