VIDEO: Red-tailed hawk lands on restaurant employee's head in Phoenixville

Police responded to the Great American Pub in Phoenixville when a red-tailed hawk went after an employee on her break. The incident was caught on camera.

"The bird is coming--pulling my hair. 'Oh my God, Oh my God--flying in the kitchen." Anna Olvera describes a frightening day while cleaning at the Great American Pub in Phoenixville last week.

The red-tailed hawk you see flying around the kitchen went right for Anna's bun as she walked inside from the outdoor seating area.

Anna immediately called her boss John Sakos, general manager and executive chef, who wasn't quite sure what to believe until he saw for himself. He dialed 9-1-1 joking it wasn't your typical emergency. Police released the video Tuesday. You can see Officer Komorowski trying unsuccessfully to catch the bird with a big net.

The restaurant's handyman, whose also a local pastor, learned of the situation confident he could get the job done.

After fluttering around the kitchen, the red-tailed hawk flew into a stairwell. That's where Justin Chapman was able to carefully catch the creature using a big black table cloth.

"I had it nice and taught and he flew at me. I went like this--filled with air--just dropped down like that and I carried him out," he explained.

Once outside he removed the cloth and released the hawk unharmed.

"He flew off and he actually landed on the top of the eagle. Pretty crazy, landed right on the eagle and flew off," Chapman said.

"In 30 years in restaurant business, I've never seen a hawk in the kitchen," John said.

The restaurant has been cleaned and sterilized after the incident.