Video shows attack on teens at local carnival

Video of a massive fight is going viral on social media.

"The whole time I was screaming stop, stop and I even blacked out at one point," said Jayla Santana.

She was attacked during a massive fight captured on cell phone video. It shows out of control teens attacking other unsuspecting young people after a carnival near Whitaker and Eerie Avenue around 10 Tuesday night.

"They were like hitting me, they were pulling my hair, they were dragging me in the street and stomping on me. Boys and girls both hitting me," said Jayla. It happened when Jayla and her and her boyfriend were leaving the carnival across the street from Saint Christopher's Hospital for Children. They were walking to meet her step-mother who was there to pick them up. Jayla says she suffered a concussion, a black eye, a back injury and other scrapes and bruises. She and her boyfriend spent the night in the hospital.

"It's scary knowing it could happen to anyone for no reason at all. They just do it for fun and for attention," said Jayla. Her mother and father are devastated.

"I sat by myself. I prayed and I forgive them because they're young. They don't know what they're doing," said Richard Santana. Jayla's 15-year-old boyfriend Miguel Fernandez was also hurt trying to protect her.

"That hurts me to see because if you're a guy you should either defend or stick with females. They're not there to just hit and abuse," said Miguel. Both of the teens fathers want the kids who did this to be caught.

"I think it's wrong that kids are doing this just to post it on Facebook and Instagram just to have two minutes fame," said Miguel's father, Erickson Fernandez

Jayla's father says, "The reason I would like something done is because I don't want them to think this is cool and they're going to keep going on with this."

East Detectives is investigating.