Video shows ATVs and dirt bikes riding up and down Art Museum steps

It's not what you'd expect to see, ATVs and a dirt bikes rushing up and down the Art Museum steps.

Some visitors hoping to get their 'Rocky moment' on the Art Museum steps were interrupted on Monday evening.

A cell phone video, captured by a man asked to be identified as Ray, shows at least three ATVs and two dirt bikes riding up and down the steps.

He tells Fox 29 he recorded the video around 4:45.

"They were doing tricks on the plaza riding up and down the stairs," he says. "There's a fine line between having fun goofing around and being a danger to yourself and others."

Ray says those visiting the steps just gave the riders space, but he says that isn't the point.

"The ATVs are not supposed to be here."

The off-roasting vehicles are illegal in the city.

However, Philadelphia police have a policy of not chasing them for fear of making a more dangerous situation worse.

"Something needs to give," says Ray. "We need a middle ground."

A statement released from the Mayor's Office said this is an on-going concern, but police do have to be careful.

"The Mayor's Office continues to be concerned about the use of ATVs and dirt bikes in the street, not just at the Art Museum, but across the city. We take this incident very seriously and Police will be increasing patrols in the area of the Art Museum.

As you can imagine, Police must be very careful when responding to an incident like this because an individual patrol car can cause a higher likelihood of someone getting hurt as the ATV driver flees. That said,

Police have confiscated over 500 vehicles this year through targeted actions, and the majority of confiscations are unregistered or unlicensed. The City urges anyone who witnesses ATVs being operated illegally and/or in a reckless manner to call 911."

According to the Art Museum, the steps are city owned.

However, a spokesperson says they stand with the City of Philadelphia in underscoring that motor vehicles have no place on them.

"We would encourage law enforcement to pursue any violation," they said.

Philadelphia police say they encourage anyone who witnessed ATVs being operated illegally and/or in a reckless manner to call 911.