Video shows nail salon employees fighting back against armed robber

"That was scary that's why we run," said Nancy Ly about an armed robber.

Surveillance video from inside an Olney nail salon shows a brazen move by a nail salon owner as she hurls a potted plant at the unsuspecting man as he turns to leave.

"She throw that thing on him and he turn back she see the gun and we start to run," said Ly who is a nail technician at Apple Nail and Spa on North 5 th Street. She was there when it happened Wednesday just before 5:00 in the evening and explains how it went down starting when the two male suspects first walked in.

"First time they come to ask about a pedicure and they say they ask how much for pedicure and they go back outside," she said. But moments later the men return. This time the one seen on camera goes straight for the register while the other suspect blocks the front door.

"We say hey . Hey. What you do? Stop. Stop," said Ly. The video also shows the employees all jump in to try and stop the suspect as he takes money from the register. They grab on his shirt and try to hit him with a bottle.

That's when the owner gets desperate and hits him with the plant. That's before they saw he had a gun.

"The man had a gun inside his pocket and when they pull it out you see the gun and we try to run out," said Ly.

The men got away. Ly says she's just glad she and her coworkers weren't hurt.

"He didn't try to make anybody hurt. When he was done he just go back outside," she said.