Vigil held for 19-year-old Chester girl shot to death

The Chester community held a vigil Thursday night for a 19-year-old girl shot and killed.

"Change today for Tyazha McCray. Change today for Tyazha McCray," chanted about 100 people as they marched the streets of Chester screaming for justice for a 19-year-old girl killed in a hail gunfire.

The march ended at West 21st Street and Edgemont near where Tyazha McCray was shot. Her father, sisters and other family members were barely holding up because their grief is so heavy.

"We have to see my sister lay in the casket with no breath in her body," Tyazha's younger sister Mariah struggled to speak to the crowd about their loss.

"It's supposed to five of us. I'm supposed to have four sisters. Now I only have three and I'm burying one. This hurts. It hurts bad," she said. Many wore a button bearing Tyazha's face while others carried a collage of her pictures.

"People look at me and say that me and her look so much alike. Every time I look in the mirror I can't without seeing her," said Mariah. Chester Police say Tyazha was getting into a friend's car just before midnight Tuesday to go to the store. Someone opened fire hitting her several times. Her friend who was driving the car was also shot. He was last listed in fair condition. Family members drove them both to the hospital but Tyazha didn't make it. During the vigil her heartbroken uncle begged police for help.

"They better do something. I'm telling you they better do something," he said.

The family also urged young people to stop the violence.

"Y'all got to be smarter about y'all's decisions and what y'all do. Everybody keeps saying it's the city but it's not just the city. It's the people. Y'all want to help then start by changing y'all selves," cried Mariah. Police haven't released a motive for the shooting. No arrests have been made.