Vigil held for woman struck, killed on the Roosevelt Boulevard

Traffic barreled down the Roosevelt Boulevard Monday night past the memorial set up for 21-year-old Daniela Gabay. She lost her life a week ago crossing Roosevelt Blvd. near Large Street trying to catch a bus home.

"I'm really heartbroken that my sister had to die this way," the victim's brother Heim Gabay told FOX 29

"I miss my child. It's very hard for me to get all that. It's a crazy thing," Yosef Gabay, the victim's father, said.

Family members, friends, lawmakers and members of the bicycle coalition held a vigil Monday in Daniela's memory. Police say while the driver stayed at the scene the night of the accident he was driving without a license.

This is very close to the spot where a 19-year-old woman and a 10-year-old girl were killed a little over a year ago as they crossed the Boulevard in the crosswalk at Large Street. They were thrown almost 200 feet. Police say the driver was charged with homicide by vehicle while DUI.

"Last year, 60 percent of the people killed on the Boulevard were pedestrians," Sarah Stuart, of the bicycle coalition, said.

"Speed enforcement is one, but I know the city is committed to a complete redesign, reworking of the boulevard," State Rep. Jared Solomon said.

Daniela's family meanwhile is deeply mourning her loss. She leaves behind a 2-year-old daughter and an entire family who misses her dearly.

Family members and supporters urged the passage of Senate Bill 172 that would allow speed enforcement cameras on the Boulevard.