Villanova moves forward as excited campus celebrates

Another big win for Villanova as the Wildcats move on to the Final Four of the NCAA Tournament. They beat Texas Tech 59-71 and are going to San Antonio, Texas.

Fans of the Wildcats celebrate the big win March 25 and the excitement is palpable with the team still in contention for the NCAA championship. This is the sixth time in school history the Wildcats have advanced to the Final Four.

A lot of Villanova students will be experiencing the tournament for the second time, as Villanova won the national championship in 2016.

Villanova controlled most of the game, though it was close in the second half with Texas Tech making it a five-point game with 6 minutes to go. Students admitted they were nervous.

The game came down to free throws. And, it was as if the students, from more than 300 miles away, added their magical touch, as Villanova hit 15 of their 16 final free throws on their way to victory.

For the sixth time in school history, the Wildcats are headed to the Final Four, just two wins away from their second national championship in three years.

Katie Reilly was a high school senior during the last one and she hadn't committed to Villanova yet.

"It was really exciting. I was still deciding, at that time. So, it was exciting to come here after that," Reilly said.

"Awesome! This is gonna be my second Final Four," exclaimed Marissa Kurt.

Kurt was a freshman during the last championship.

"We had a lot of players last year that were red shirted. So, this year, it's a whole different ballgame. We're gonna do this! We got this!" Kurt explained.

Now comes the fun part. The excitement of expectation. Waiting until the next game against Kansas on March 31.

"It's absolutely euphoric. Everyone's excited. The whole campus is buzzing and we're ready to go make an impact for the Final Four," said Spencer Langbein.

Students took a victory lap to the quad on campus after the win March 25 and the party continued.

"This is amazing! For it to happen twice in the four years that I'm here, it's amazing. Absolutely reat!" said Matt Casterella.

"Freshman year, we had the championship. Is it just as good the second time? Just as sweet. Hoping to go all the way. So excited! So good to go back to the Final Four. Go Nova!" exclaimed Tara Carroll.