VIRAL: Judge Judy Defendant Incriminates Himself With One Sentence

There's dumb, and there is dumber. At least that's what Judge Judy had to say about two defendants who made their way into her courtroom back in 2010.

During a hearing over a stolen wallet, one of the defendants made a terrible mistake, and downright incriminated himself.

The plaintiff in the case explains to Judge Judy that her wallet was stolen. Inside the wallet, she says there was $50, all of her IDs, gift cards, an earpiece and a calculator.

In response to the plaintiff's list, one of the defendants, who denies stealing the bag, opts to speak up and tell Judge Judy that there was no earpiece in the bag.

That's when Judge Judy laughs, and looks over at her bailiff, calling the two defendants 'dumb' and 'dumber.'

She then rules in favor of the plaintiff, in the amount of $500.