Volunteer firefighter welcomed home after being struck by suspected drunk driver at crash scene

Volunteer firefighter Alex Fischer returned home after being injured in a crash last month that was caused by a suspected drunk driver.

Reuven Fischer wrapped his arms around his son and welcomed him home from the hospital nearly a month to the day after a serious crash. 

"It’s amazing that I’m here today. I mean it’s all because of Tommy he saved my life," Alex Fischer said.

Fischer along with other volunteer firefighters from Lower Merion Township would forever have their lives altered on July 24 at 3:30 a.m.

An accused drunk driver crashed into Fischer, Sam Shaffer, Tom Royds, and a state trooper as they were wrapping up an accident scene on the Schuylkill Expressway. Royds would not survive his injuries.

"I’m going to forever make my life a memory for him and continue his legacy," Fischer explained.


Fischer suffered severe leg injuries and has a long road of recovery ahead.

His father ready with a brand new walker for his son says Fischer can't wait to do what he loves again.

"He’s ready to go, he wanted his scanner in the hospital and I’m like no. You do not need to subject the hospital to that. One of the first things. He wants to do is go back to the firehouse and see his locker. He’s totally dedicated."

He did just that Thursday. Fischer returned to the firehouse for the first time since his accident with his brothers and sisters by his side.

Jacquelyn Walker has since been identified as the driver and is charged with vehicular homicide among other charges.

For Fischer, he says she has forever changed the meaning and day-to-day life of not only him, but so many families.

"She took away my independence for a long time and she took away one of my best friends and nearly killed one of my other best friends. There’s really no punishment that will be equal to what she deserves," he said.



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