Waldorf Astoria invites Holleys to Rome after enduring hardships from Texas winter storms

Millions of Americans were impacted by unprecedented winter storms that bowled over the southern United States last February and lead to a power crisis in Texas. Native Texan and Good Day Philadelphia co-host Alex Holley's family was in the direct path of the storms. 

Like so many others, Holley's 91-year-old grandfather lost power and heat and sought shelter in a nearby hotel. They jokingly referred to the temporary lodging as the Waldorf Astoria, a popular swanky hotel in the heart of mid-town Manhattan. 


They even taped a paper ‘Waldorf Astoria’ sign on the door of their hotel room to bring some levity to a dire weather situation by giving the illusion of luxury living. But little did they know, their paper sign would grab the attention of the historic hotel chain. 

Holley's grandfather and a guest were invited to the Rome Cavalieri, a Waldorf Astoria Hotel in one of Italy's most popular cities. Alex Holley joined her grandfather on the lavish trip to Rome filled with sightseeing, food, and, of course, fancy accommodations. 

"Boy this is something, I've never lived like this," Holley said upon touring a room typically reserved for the uber-wealthy. "I could have an enjoyable vacation just in the hotel, we'll just stay here."

Of course, the Holley's didn't just stay in their lush pad, they ventured into Rome to take in the sights, including the Roman Coliseum and Trevi Fountain. They even brushed up on their Italian. 

While the once-in-a-lifetime winter storm brought hardships to the Holley family, it also lead to a trip neither Alex and her grandfather will ever forget. 



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