Washington, D.C. is home to the most wine drinkers in America

District of...Chardonnay? Research reveals that Washington, D.C. folks consume the most wine in the entire country, while New Hampshire takes the crown for consuming the most beer. 

Data provided by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) (which is part of the Bethesda-based NIH) estimates how much alcohol is consumed in each state per capita. This data is based on beer and wine sales in 2020 (which due to stay-at-home orders and general anxiety during the COVID-19 pandemic may be slightly higher than normal). 

In 2020, D.C. consumed 1.01 gallons of ethanol in wine per person, where as Maryland consumed 0.4 gallons and Virginia - 0.53 gallons. The District's consumption is greater than California, Oregon and Washington State which its vineyard-filled economy sees consumers drink on average 0.62 gallons. 

As for beer, New Hampshire residents drank 1.89 gallons of ethanol from beer per person in 2020, while D.C. consumed 1.07 gallons, Maryland consumed 0.77 gallons and Virginia - 0.96 gallons of ethanol from beer per person. 

You can see an interactive map below of all the results across the country.