Watch Cop Calmly Respond When Motorist Screams at Him Over Ticket

It seems every week brings yet another incident of cops accused of abusing their authority. Now many police officers want people to know what they experience when dealing with the public.

Departments have released startling videos showing them getting spit on and cursed at and attacked while trying to maintain order in the streets.

Officer Nick Harwood of Aransas Pass, Texas told INSIDE EDITION that he was on a routine patrol when he pulled over a motorist for speeding.

As Officer Harwood gave the driver a ticket, he never could have expected the motorist's reaction. The man goes ballistic, cursing at Officer Harwood repeatedly and then throwing the ticket at him.

"I couldn't believe the guy was acting like that," Harwood told INSIDE EDITION's Lisa Guerrero.

She told him: "Your demeanor was amazing. You didn't react, you just walked away. Human nature is that you would want to reach in that window and lash back at him."

He responded: "That's how we are trained to act. If I reacted any differently, it just would have escalated that."

Aransas Pass Police Chief Eric Blanchard told Guerrero, "We have an increase with people post-Ferguson lashing out at the officers. They are getting testy with us and see how far they can push us. Just for wearing the badge, you become a target. You are not a target for who you are as an individual, but who you represent."

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