WATCH: 'I Got It!' boy walks into school

Englewood, NJ (WTXF/FOX NEWS) The determined boy who warmed hearts all over back in 2014 with his inspiring words, "I got it!" just took another big step.

In a video post on Instagram on Tuesday, 4-year-old Kayden Kinckle walked into school with his prosthetics. The video is captioned, "Walking in school like WHAT!!!"

At her first ultrasound a few years ago, Nikki Kinckle was actually advised to terminate her pregnancy because Kayden was diagnosed with a life-threatening condition called Omphalocele, according to FOX News. The disorder causes the organs to grow outside the body in the womb, doctors had to amputate Kayden's left leg and right foot due to complications at birth.

FOX News reports that after two abdominal surgeries and his amputations, Kayden was fitted with prosthetics and was learning to walk when video of his first steps went viral.