WATCH: Man Rolls Under Moving Freight Train

(FOX NEWS) -- Shocking, heart-pounding video shows a man rolling across train tracks under a moving train.

The video, shot by motorist Cesar Renteria and posted to Facebook Tuesday, shows the unidentified man waiting for a gap between sets of wheels as the freight train passes through Channelview, Texas.

He then rolls under and back out of the way before the speeding train can crush him - only escaping certain death by mere inches.

Crouching low, the amateur daredevil then runs forward and dives clean through to the other side.

The stunt was condemned by shocked onlookers and the train's operator, who said it could have caused a derailment.

Union Pacific says the man could be ticketed for his reckless behavior. If you see something like this, you can call 1-888-877-7267, a 24-hour hotline to report this type of activity, so law enforcement can step in.

Watch the clip from "Shepard Smith Reporting" above and the crazy raw footage below.