Watch: Massive tarpon bites the hand that feeds him in Florida

Anyone lucky enough to visit the Florida Keys might know what feeding the tarpon at Robbie’s in Islamorada, Florida is all about.

For anyone who doesn’t, it can be exhilarating or terrifying, depending on your level of comfort with enormous fish.

FOX 13 viewer Austin Craver shared a video of his experience during a recent trip to the Keys.

In the point-of-view video, Craver holds a small baitfish, maybe 6 inches long, over water teeming with tarpon.

Within seconds, one of the fish emerges from the water, jumping feet into the air to retrieve the snack, but he almost takes Craver’s hand with him.

The fish comps Craver’s hand, up past his wrist, but then lets go, taking the little fish with it.

After the initial shock, Craver can be heard laughing after the fish splashes into the water.