WATCH: Mom can't figure out 'who put the bun in the oven'

Cynthia Dozier found a bun in her oven but had a hard time putting the clue together that she was about to be a grandma.

Shantelle Dozier shared a video of her mother-in-law's sweet but confused reaction to her pregnancy. In the video, Cynthia can be seen opening up her oven and finding a bun. She at first laughs, asking, "Who put the bun in the oven?"

Her son, Wes, tells her he put a bun in an oven, just not the one she's thinking of. After about a minute, Cynthia finally realizes that her son and daughter-in-law are pregnant. Shantelle said in a Facebook post that she kept her pregnancy a secret for some time after struggling for 11 years to have a child.

Watch the sweet announcement in the video above.