WATCH: Mother Hilariously Face Plants During Romantic Proposal

Michigan - Bill Devaney wanted to propose to his girlfriend Breanne Clark on the shores of Lake Michigan, the location of the couple's first dates.

Devaney gathered the family for the joyous event. The couple snaps a quick photo, and then asks for family to jump in the picture.

Suddenly, Breanne's mother Eva face plants in the sand. The mishap insights laughter from other family members, and distracts them just enough for Devaney to pull out the ring.

Breanne's sister Bridget told Buzzfeed, "We waited seven years for him to propose and my mom didn't even get to see it since she was face-down in the sand. Good thing we had this video for her too see!"

The video was taken back in May, but recently resurfaced on social media again.

Take a look at the viral video above.