WATCH: Polar Bear Cub Has a Blast Playing With Ice Cubes

A polar bear cub had a blast playing in an ice cube-filled kiddie pool.

According to the Orgeon Zoo, 10-month-old Nora was actually born at the Columbus Zoo last November. After being rejected by her mother, Nora was raised by zookeepers before being transferred to her new home. Now, Nora is in temporary, behind-the-scenes accommodations during a standard 30-day quarantine period. This ensures she does not have any potential health issues that could harm the other polar bear she will soon live with, Tasul.

While Nora is certainly having fun, the Oregon Zoo takes it seriously. They helped pioneer the concept of environmental enrichment, using physical and social interactions for animals in captivity to help stimulate brain activity during development. Tasul, Nora's new roommate, helped researchers understand how climate change is affecting polar bears, and the zoo hopes Nora can do the same. Nora should be ready for her public debut later this month, according to The Oregonian.

This video shows the cub in a kiddie pool and later taking a plunge into the water.