Watch: Thieves use car to tear down, steal 12-foot skeleton decoration from NJ home

A massive holiday decoration and neighborhood mascot that stood outside a New Jersey home was torn down and dragged away by thieves in a car.

The midnight theft was caught on camera outside the Mount Ephraim of Shannon McKibban, who told FOX 29 that she heard the 12-foot-tall skeleton being dragged down her street.

"We heard the cinder blocks on top of it kind of flying off, the noise of it being dragged down street," McKibban said.

A neighbors' car was also damaged during the heist and some of their lawn furniture was also broken.


"They drove up the lawn and ripped out of our driveway," McKibban said. "One slip of the gas peddle, and they could’ve been into our house."

The elaborate skeleton was purchased by McKibban and her husband for close to $400 to celebrate Halloween and McKibban's birthday. 

"Halloween is my birthday, always been my favorite holiday, we went big that year with decorating," McKibban said. 

The skeleton quickly became a hit in the community and neighbors encouraged the McKibban's keep it up throughout the year. 

Typically a Halloween decoration, Shannon McKibban uses it to celebrate all holidays.

"It was something that made people smile people drove by our house to look at it constantly," McKibban said. 

The Mount Ephraim Police Department on Thursday announced an arrest in the skeleton theft, but did not report the culprit's name or age. 

Police credited the community with helping track down the suspect, who has been charged with two counts of criminal mischief and one count of theft.

Police on Thursday returned parts of the decoration that were found in the suspect's trunk. 

"I would like to see them have to at least do community service," McKibban said. "I don't care if i get money back or not i just want them to be held responsible for being reckless."