WATCH: Car goes airborne, flips on Los Angeles freeway after hitting tire that popped off truck

A car was sent flying into the air, flipping over, after a tire from the truck next to it on a Chatsworth freeway flew off earlier this week.

The dashcam of Anoop Khatra's Tesla captured the scene on the Ronald Reagan Freeway on Thursday. In the video, a dark Kia Soul is seen passing the driver on the left, pulling even with a silver pickup truck. Then, without warning, the truck's front left tire shoots out in front of the Soul.

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The driver of the Kia Soul has no time to react before driving head-on into the tire, sending the car flying several feet into the air. The car then landed on its nose, and rolled over on the highway before skidding to a stop. To add insult to injury, the tire that caused the wreck then rolls into the back of the black car as it comes to a stop. 


While this happened, the silver pickup truck skidded to the side of the highway.

In a statement to Storyful, the Los Angeles Police Department said that there were no major injuries as a result of the incident.