Waterford Township School closed due to food borne illness among staff

The Waterford Township School has closed its doors due to a food borne illness impacting many of its staff. 

The incident occurred on May 6 when an employee began experiencing symptoms of the food borne illness during a luncheon. 

As a result, 60% of the members that participated in the luncheon also became ill. 

Authorities say they used an outside vendor, but did not specify what vendor or which type of cuisine was served. 

While the exact pathogen that got members sick remains unknown, officials say they believe it is a highly contagious pathogen. 

"Per the recommendation of our district physician, and for the health and safety of our entire school community, all school buildings will be closed for two weeks. We expect to reopen the buildings on Monday, May 24th," officials wrote. 

During the two weeks that the school will be closed, it will undergo a thorough cleaning to make sure that any contaminates are destroyed. 



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