Wawa employee gives gift of kindness to local teen with autism

VENTNOR, NJ (WTXF) A Wawa employee is being praised for his kindness after making a local teen's and his family's day!

Isabella Marks Mosca posted a story of her family's experience at the Ventnor Wawa on Ventnor Avenue in New Jersey.

In the message, she explains that her 16-year-old son Kyle has autism and that Wawa is his favorite store.

She wrote, "…to him Wawa is a daily social experience! It is indeed our go-to spot up and down the coast. We love them all!"

Mosca then explained that at each Wawa they visit, Kyle greets their employees with a hello and in turn the employees are always very kind to him.

"His giggles, flapping and jumping are never an issue, and he loves to construct his own hoagie creations on the Wawa touch screen," she wrote.

On Monday, Mosca, Kyle, and his twin sister Isabelle went to the Ventnor Wawa where a cashier named Patrick Higbee conducted their check out.

Mosca told FOX 29 that Patrick normally works the night shift and was covering the register when they visited the store.

"Kyle read his nametag and greeted him loudly and proudly. Then he said, 'Hey, Patrick, I like your hat. Can I have your hat?'" Mosca wrote.

Patrick smiled at Kyle as Mosca and Isabelle informed him that the hat belonged to Patrick.

The family picked up their hoagie orders and Patrick met them at the door. This time he had a surprise.

With a smile on his face, he handed Kyle a Wawa visor!

"Both of them smiled so wide!! Kyle's twin sister Isabelle thanked him and said, you really made our day!!!" Mosca wrote.

"Thank you for caring and for the chance to make us always feel at home. And thank you for hiring and including people with special needs!

"Keep up the great work in our communities."

Mosca also said to FOX 29 about Patrick, "We were so lucky to have met him, and I know that Kyle is excited to see him again very soon.

"Kindness goes a long way, and we should all try to smile and say hello. You never know how much it means to someone. You could make their day!

"Kyle has made a new friend, and that has made all the difference."