Wawa superfan collects receipts 0-999 over 3 years: 'I get a Mac and cheese every single day'

There are people in this world who love their Wawa. Then there’s Tyler Gyurisin.

The Wawa superfan estimates he goes to the store about 1400 times a year or nearly four times a day!

"Familiarity. I walk in, I know what’s on the menu, it’s consistent at every single location" Gyurisin.

The self-professed "Wawa Connoisseur" went viral after posting pictures of exactly 1000 numbered Wawa deli receipts from meals he’s had over years of visits.

The slips are in numerical order from 0 through 999. 

The 22-year-old Barnegat, NJ man met FOX 29’s Chris O'Connell Monday at the perfect spot, a Wawa store.

"Everyday I get a coffee from Wawa, I get a lunch from there, I get a Mac and cheese every single day.  Usually dinner, and I’ll see which order slips I have and if it’s one I need I’ll put it in the collection.  If not it gets  trashed. 90 percent get trashed" said Gyurisin.

Since order numbers are somewhat random, the challenge has taken some time. Although he frequents his local store in Barnegat, the feat has taken him at least three years and hundreds of trips to Wawas from Philly to Florida to complete.

But why?  


"For fun there is no reason why. I just like to collect things and I thought it would be funny. And here we are" he added.

His post showing all the slips lined up on his floor has millions of views on social media and even got the attention of Wawa’s CEO Chris Gheysens who wrote on "X"  "I think this means you get my job". 

Tyler says he’s floored with all the attention.

"I’ve never had anything like this ever happen. So it’s really overwhelming, like it’s awesome, I’m loving it" said Gyurisin.

Now he’s finished his quest of collecting slips, Tyler has moved onto another challenge. Taking a selfie in front of every Wawa store in the country. He’s visited over 100.

When asked about some of the haters online that call him crazy?  "I would agree with you. I am a little crazy, but that’s OK" Gyurisin joked.

Gyurisin who is an Uber driver, says he wouldn’t mind working for Wawa someday. He say the best part --employee get a free Shorti hoagie every shift.