Weather Authority: Frigid overnight temps lead to sunny and pleasant start to weekend

Frigid overnight temperatures will rally on Saturday setting up a pleasant start to the weekend, but showers could intrude on the favorable Fall conditions.

Temperatures in parts of the Delaware Valley will sit in the mid-30s and low-40s, with even colder conditions in the Poconos and areas to the northwest. 

After a frosty morning, uninterrupted sunshine with help temperatures rally into the mid-to-upper 60s on Saturday with clouds becoming denser in the late afternoon. 

Sloppy conditions on Sunday will include scattered showers in the early parts of the afternoon, weakening through the evening. 

The hit-and-miss showers will clear out overnight leading to more pleasant weather on Monday with sunshine and highs in the 70s that will last through most of the work week.


SATURDAY: Sun and clouds. High: 68, Low: 44

SUNDAY: Scattered showers. High: 64, Low: 52

MONDAY: Partly sunny. High: 72, Low: 58

TUESDAY: Similar conditions. High: 74, Low: 60