Weather Authority: Heat and humidity rule Wednesday, pop-up storm chances remain

Wednesday should dawn hot and humid, with a chance for pop-up thunderstorms as the day progresses.

FOX 29's Kathy Orr says overnight Wednesday will be warm and muggy, with lows in the mid 70s.

The heat will ramp up after the sun rises, with highs right around 90 degrees, while it will feel like it is close to 100. The severe thunderstorm risk is a marginal one, with the main threat being damaging winds.

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Thursday will be similar to Wednesday, though dryer, as rain chances are not as strong. The heat, combined with humidity will make it feel like it is well into 100 degrees and that will continue into the day Friday.

Enhanced rain chances start Saturday and continue into Sunday.


TUESDAY NIGHT: Warm, muggy. Low: 75

WEDNESDAY: Pop-up storms. High: 92, Low: 74

THURSDAY: Hazy, humid. High: 93, Low: 76



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