Weather Authority: Severe thunderstorms impact region

Another round of severe weather bringing drenching downpours and isolated thunderstorms across the region on Thursday night. 

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The warm conditions help usher in more rain and storms with heavy downpours expected. Ground saturation from Wednesday's derecho will make flood a concern.

While conditions will remain sour, winds are not expected to reach the speeds the region experienced on Wednesday which left thousands without power and resulted in at least four deaths.

Wednesday's derecho was a rare weather event that the region has not seen since 2012. A widespread line of fast-moving wind storms with damage extending more than 240 miles and wind gust of at least 58 MPH characterizes a derecho.


Friday will feature similar conditions as Wednesday and Thursday. Humid, sunny temperatures in the morning and early afternoon will usher in p.m. storms.

The weekend is forecasted to be summer-like and sunny. Saturday will reach a peak of 89 degrees with intermittent clouds. Conditions will cool off on Sunday with a high of 80 and sun.


THURSDAY: Humid, p.m. storms. High: 90

FRIDAY: Humid, p.m. storms. High: 88, Low: 69

SATURDAY: Warm, sunny. High: 89, Low: 72

SUNDAY: Less humid. High: 80, Low: 63


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