Weather Authority: Summer weather on the way as temperatures soar into the 80s by mid-week

If you've been waiting on some really warm weather, you're in luck! 

Spring is about to get a taste of summer as temperatures make their way into the high 80s by the end of the week.

The warm-up begins Tuesday with a sunny and pleasant 74-degree day, but that's just the beginning! 

Those 80-degree days begin Wednesday with a high of 82, and continue to climb to 85 on Thursday, finally tapping out at 86 degrees on Friday!

All sun, all day this week until the weekend hits, and showers start to bring temperatures back down to spring-like weather.



TUESDAY: Sunny, pleasant. High: 74, Low: 44

WEDNESDAY: Breezy, mild. High: 82, Low: 56

THURSDAY: Sunny, even warmer. High: 85, Low: 60

FRIDAY: Warm, humid. High: 86, Low: 59

SATURDAY: Clouds, evening showers. High: 77, Low: 60

SUNDAY: Morning sun, evening showers. High: 75, Low: 58

MONDAY: Showers, cooler. High: 66, Low: 53