EF-2 tornado confirmed in Mercer County after severe damage found, National Weather Service says

Weather surveyors have confirmed that a rare winter tornado touched down in New Jersey and left behind a trail of destruction that left some people displaced. 

The National Weather Service on Tuesday afternoon issued a brief Tornado Warning for parts of Mercer County that included towns surrounding the capitol city of Trenton. 

A day later, forecasters said an EF-2 tornado dragged for nearly 6 miles starting in Lawrence Township and continuing into neighboring west Windsor Township. 

Wind gusts, according to the weather service, peaked at 115 miles per hour which downed trees west of I-295 and caused roof damage at different housing developments.

"I am not sure what is happening here in New Jersey, but too many tornadoes warning for me," Dawn Muziani, a resident said.

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Dozens of residents at the Lawrence Square Condo Complex, located less than 10 miles north of Trenton, were displaced Tuesday night. 

Local authorities and the weather serivce both reported no injuries from the damaging storm.