Wells Fargo Center offers World Series experience to fans unable to find tickets

Roughly 2,000 feet away from Citizens Bank Park, or better yet, the distance of nearly ten Bryce Harper home runs, there’s a chance that fans in the Wells Fargo Center could be heard by those at Citizen's Bank Park. 

"That is not in the budget, not even close, but here it is, for free, and here we are, school night and all they’re going to school tomorrow," said Laura Rudolph, who brought her husband and three children to be a part of the game three hype.

The Wells Fargo Center opened their doors for free, but tickets had to be bought in advance. Game three of the Phillies-Astros World Series was broadcast on all the TV's in the main concourse area with discounted beers and food at fans' disposal. 

"The price of tickets was astronomical. I’m a huge Flyers fan, Philly sports in general, so just knowing there’d be an atmosphere to come and watch, I couldn’t deny the chance to come out," says Gabby Stacey.

The Wells Fargo Center is also offering an outdoor tailgating package for up to 15 people that includes a tent, parking spot, private bathroom access and more. They will do the same thing for game five as the Flyers or Sixers are not scheduled to play at home.

"We heard that the Wells Fargo Center was hosting a free watch party and all the Philly people that can’t get into the stadium are here," says Zach Rubin. "It’s electric here, Bryce Harper scores a home run and the entire city’s jumping up and down!"

It's the perfect atmosphere for Philly fans looking for a World Series experience without having to break the bank. You may not be able to catch a Harper homerun ball, but if the Phillies go all the way, which Laura says will happen, then the Wells Fargo Center is the next best place to be. 

"We wanted this atmosphere, we wanted to be right in here, cause we’re gonna win it all baby," said Laura. "Here we go!"