Wendy Williams Says Her Son Smoked Synthetic Marijuana

Los Angeles-(WTXF)-A shocking revelation was made by Wendy Williams Monday morning. Talk show host Wendy Williams told her audience Monday of her traumatic summer learning her son had been smoking synthetic marijuana.

"It's one of those pens where you don't see the smoke, and you don't smell anything. My heart is breaking and my kid could have been dead," she told her audience.

You may know nothing about it. But of the young people we stopped at random-- everyone knew someone who'd tried it.

"I think it's definitely a thing that exists in our generation at least," said Chandi Collision of Mount Airy.

It's a synthetic drug that imitates the chemical in pot that gets you high, but because it's man-made, its dosage and makeup is unknown. It can lead to seizures, brain damage, even death.

Devin Reaves knows firsthand about hiding drug use from parents.

"My mom is really an educated woman and she just thought that this was normal teen angst," he told FOX 29.

Today, Devin is clean and a drug recovery counselor.

A psychiatrist we spoke with has heard of users as young as 14. He advises parents as kids come home from college for a weekend to look for odd behavior.

"They might think that they might be drinking, that they might be depressed because they're just starting college, and essentially they're doing drugs," said Dr. Jorge Rivera-Colon.

He says talking to your kids early and often is important.