West Berlin firefighters honored for saving woman from burning building

Three West Berlin firefighters were honored for rescuing a woman from a burning apartment building.

The fire broke out at the Lindenwold Towers back in October.

"Thirty-four years in the fire service. I've never done what you did. I don’t think anyone else sitting here has done what you did," Chief Joe Jackson said.

Three West Berlin firefighters were honored Thursday for their bravery.

The firefighters went into a burning property without a hose line. They knew they didn’t have time to wait for an engine to arrive, so they grabbed their 2.5 gallon water cans and fearlessly went into action.

On Thursday, West Berlin Fire Chief Joe Jackson awarded Lt Mark Mondile, Lt. Donovan Mihalick and firefighter Dominick Jackson with the valor award, which is the township's highest honor.

"These three firefighters showed professionalism, teamwork bravery and absolute preservation of life over anything," Chief Jackson said.

Firefighter Jackson says it was a team effort and wanted to recognize a first responding EMT who also went above and beyond that night.

"He crawled through a smoke-filled hallway and found the apartment and had us come in a faster way he bought her easily five to ten minutes of extra time," Jackson said.

These volunteer firefighters say they appreciated the recognition but say it was just another night on the job.


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