West Whiteland Township police officers buy new car battery for homeless woman

Two police officers in Chester County went above and beyond to help a homeless woman. Her car is her lifeline and her battery was shot, which left her no way to get to work.

“She was excited and definitely looking forward to getting to her car and getting back because it was extremely cold at the time,” said Patrolman Daniel Lemmon.

He and Patrolman Anthony DeLuise described the reaction they got from a woman who called West Whiteland Township Police because she needed a ride from work back to her broken down car.

“Due to the cold weather and circumstances surrounding the incident we contacted our Sergeant and got approval for a courtesy transport to her car,” said Patrolman Lemmon.

The woman who police say is homeless and living out of her car walked nearly two miles to work near Exton Mall that day because her car wouldn't start. When she got off it was bitter cold and she was having knee pain. The officers drove her to the parking lot of Walmart where her car was parked, checked it out and determined it needed a new battery.

“We both kind of looked at each other like yeah we’re going to go and get a battery even if it’s coming out of our pocket," said Patrolman DeLuise.

So without a second thought.

"We would want another police officer to do that if it was one of our family members so it’s the least we could do. So we both looked on our cellphones and we figured out what kind of battery goes to her vehicle and we went inside Walmart and bought the battery,” said Patrolman DeLuise. “She was very surprised when we came back to the window and knocked on the window. She was very grateful," he said.

The officers say they don't want any praise. They just want to make a difference.

“We always see people at their worst so it’s always good to see somebody in a better situation than when you came,” said Patrolman DeLuise.


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